We can help...

"Today's games industry sees many types of independent developer, studio, publisher and investor, all with different needs and requirements."

There's a need for accelerated experience
Many larger organisations or well-established developers have had time to build the credibility and trust required when forging relationships with key global brands and top industry players. Having Insight for Hire in your corner instantly adds that credibility and trust.

There's a need to deploy that experience
Whether the requirement is early concept, or publishing and all the work in-between, Insight for Hire will supplement your experience and help you deploy it effectively.

There's a need to be economical
In short, Insight For Hire can add an immediate, highly experienced executive layer to your company or project for a modest fee. You'll save money through acting more shrewdly, make more instinctive and informed decisions, and feel empowered and richly supported.

There's a need to be efficient
It's easy to lose sight of the importance of operational effectiveness in the heat of development.
Good structure, process and team morale are key. Insight for Hire has worked with teams of all sizes, on projects of all types. We know what to do when it gets tough.

Relationships are everything...


Quality people are worth their weight in gold. We can introduce you to the right people that can bolster your aims and ambitions.

Relationship Management and Rapport

Be it 1st or 3rd party, we will guide you through managing those incredibly important games industry business relationships.


Let us review and guide pitch documents and presentations. First impressions are incredibly important and with a rich history of presenting all matter of documents to investors, stake-holders, publishers and platform-holders, we can help you shape the right content.

Personal Development and Mentoring

Take advantage of unique and invaluable insight, guidance and experience to improve not only your own, but your team's processes and personal skills to cultivate better relationships and more.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring is a minefield. Use the right processes; secure the right people for your company. Avoid the pitfalls and help build a future based on brilliant individuals.

Farm opportunity!

Business Development (Strategising)

Yes, we can help. If you're developing and formulating your business and commercial strategies, looking for quality partners to expand your plans, or using business models such as F2P, analytics, metrics, advertising, we can assist, including working with all current mobile game business models.

Commercial Development (Planning)

We can drive the maximum potential of your projects, IP, income & profits, while helping to manage your costs, broaden your sales potential and introducing new partners and market opportunities.

Publishing (Delivering)

Publishing is a challenge. Our team has years of independent publishing experience on PC/Steam, console, handheld and mobile, with many critical and commercial successes. We can help to provide any and all the aspects you need to effectively publish your titles.


"Let us help you create and build a project or team to your specification, guide you through the challenges, and fix the problems. Remember, we offer a full service from concept to publishing."

And the best
of the rest...


Our licensing team can assist in all matters of licensing and merchandising.

PR & Marketing

From copy to creative, and reaching the right people for journalism and merchandising, Insight For Hire has a wide range of experience.

Executive Production

Insight For Hire can be hired to help as an executive producer on your titles. We can help sanity check and direct your production plan, underpinning its feasibility and estimated costs.

Design Management

Let us help you manage your design, your product's content, costs and quality. Look at user-testing and user-experience, all-important in helping today's potential become tomorrow's success.

Sanity Checking

Get an expert second opinion on your plans and projects; this spans many of the services highlighted on this page. Double check your business model and ensure it all makes sense. One mistake can lead to taking the wrong journey. Feel secure with very experienced 'Insight' on your side.