Supercharge your ambition!

"Insight For Hire is a no-nonsense, incredibly experienced consultancy group dedicated to supporting and rapidly accelerating the ambitions and potential of independent developers, studios and publishers. We are the catalyst you need to reach your goals quickly and effectively."

As an independent company you will be faced with many challenges on the road to success; we will help you meet those challenges head on while fixing any problems you face.

How do we know this? The wealth of experience we have in the Insight For Hire team has come from three decades of facing those same problems you do, while keeping up with continuous change and having great success within the industry.

Who will help? All our in-house consultants can provide direct support. Additionally, we can assist your business by introducing our partners and associates from an industry-wide network that's second to none.

What do we offer? From ad-hoc consultation, mentoring, executive production and strategic direction all the way through to full service development and production services with all the component parts. We are experienced on all current gaming platforms with a strong focus on mobile & tablet applications.

As an independent company out in a challenging world, it's time for the Insight For Hire team to help you understand that you can be a success, and to realise it.

Take a look at our services page where you can identify the help you need, and we will tailor a support package for you.